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Before I drank Sachee Sacha inchi oil & Tea, my daughter bought a piece of waist ties for me, the first thing I had to do when I got up was to tie my waist, now I don't need it, in fact, wearing the waist belt is not very comfortable but have no choice, really would like to thank Irene for introducing this product to us. The pain in my right foot is now getting less and less, many aspects of the action cannot be done before, now I can do it, do not need to go for the waist bone surgery, thank God for healing me through your Sachee Sacha Inchi oil and tea products, from the bottom of my heart thank you for making such a good oil and tea.
Lilian Ng
I am really full of gratitude and thank you for making such a good plant seed into oil and leaves into tea, my China sister bought Sachee sacha inchi oil and tea with Esther yesterday, just drink for a week, completely improve her diet and sleep, she just told me that she has no appetite to eat, and sleep is not good, so she often sleeps until very late to get up.
Adeline Chan
Hi. I must thank you for recommending sacha inchi oil and tea to me. I hv been having bad eczema last 2 years. Using all types of steroid creams but keep on recurring. Since taking sacha inchi oil & tea daily for last 3 weeks the eczema has cleared. Thanks
Michelle Pang
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